PA NOW (National Organization of Women)

We are proud to present the Philly Women’s Ballot for the 2019 Primary Election! Pennsylvania NOW is engaged in working to realize a broad vision of progress for women and their families and we work tirelessly to promote constitutional equality, combat systemic racism, advocate for economic security and justice, end violence against all women, agitate for reproductive justice, push for immigration reform, and fight for LGBTQ rights. Our PAC happily supports each of these candidates and their commitment to advocating on behalf of our mission and supporting the communities we serve.

Millennials in Action

“Our vision is to increase the voter turn out among millennials ages 18-35, to foster a culture of civic engagement and community service, and to influence local elections through political fundraising and grassroots organizing." - Millennials in Action PAC “Millennials in Action works tirelessly to engage the Millennial generation throughout the year. I am honored to receive an endorsement from an organization that is doing such important work in our community. Every generation deserves to have a voice when it comes to who is representing them in City Hall” -Beth Finn

Philly Progressives

Pennsylvania State Representative

State Rep. Joanna McClinton

“Beth has time and again proven herself to be a woman who can take charge and support others. The tech sector is dominated by men. Beth made tech her career. It’s not easy for a woman to get a leadership role in tech. Beth did that, too. She’s part of the original team of women that brought us together for the Women’s March on Philadelphia and I’m happy she’s running for office. I’m proud to endorse Beth Finn for City Council at Large.” -Rep. Joanna McClinton “She’s broken ground as the first woman and African-American to hold her leadership position in the State House. Joanna’s passion to serve the people and her leadership are things I have admired since I met her. She cares deeply for each resident of her district and her focus is on making sure she is fighting for their well-being every day.” -Beth Finn

State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell

“I met Beth Finn at the first Women's March in Philadelphia where I spoke about how my family has been impacted by gun violence. Beth is an ally, a community leader and has the ability to build bridges, that is why I am endorsing Beth for Council at Large. She has courage and commitment which are qualities we want in our public servants. I know she will fight for Philadelphia.” -Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell “Movita is a personal hero of mine. She’s turned tragedy and grief into a powerful movement to help others and end gun violence. Movita is a true inspiration for how we change our world for the better.” -Beth Finn, candidate for City Council at Large
Pennsylvania State Senator

Senator Katie Muth

“We need Beth Finn in public office. She’s a fighter for equality, an organizer for progressive causes, and she knows how to get stuff done. Beth is one of those truly good humans running for Philadelphia City Council. I’m really excited Beth is running.” -State Senator Katie Muth “Katie is a dear friend and I’m honored to have her support. Since day one, Senator Katie Muth has been a powerful leader. She ran a grassroots, people-powered campaign without taking any corporate money, including zero dollars from gas and oil. She knocked on more doors than any candidate I know. Now, she’s leading the #MeToo movement charge in the State Senate.” -Beth Finn
Committeeperson 02-11

Savannah Fritz

Committeeperson 02-06

Christopher Shelley

Upper Darby City Council, former President of Philly CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women)

Laura Wentz

former Commiteeperson, author of “Green Shoots of Democracy”

Karen Bojar

Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Beth Chaim

Rabbi Eric Wisnia

Founder of Turn PA Blue

Jamie Perrapato

Founder of TechGirlz

Tracey Welson-Rossman

Commiteeperson 05-28

Troy Mullane